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        Relentless staff training and development

        May 12, 2014 From:China Cans Clicks:3081 Share to

        On the afternoon of May 9, a lecture was given by Miss Tang, who is a technical solution expert in Microsoft Office in China , and a training lecturer in Microsoft Partners Office. She delivered a training section on ‘How to you use Microsoft office, with a focus on Microsoft Excel’.


        30 staff members from different departments all rushed to the training center to participate in the training section under the rain. Their passion towards learning was unstoppable by the harsh weather. Miss Tang’s splendid lecture further stimulated everyone’s passion towards learning. At the end of the session, everyone missed the section very much and wanted to learn more.

        This is the result of our company switching to the use of authentic software, and we will continue to deliver these relevant training sections.

        The following are the splendid moments of our training event:

        100% focused

        Learning attentively


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